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These times demand a new level of leadership. Below are relevant, actionable resources to support great leaders in responding powerfully to the new challenges we face.

Video Series

When our world turns upside down, we’re bound to experience a range of powerful moods that color our everyday experience. In this series, we talk about some of the more prevalent moods during this time, and give some tips on how to navigate them.

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Protests have gripped the United States in the wake of George Floyd's murder. Justice is demanding to be served. Voices are demanding to be heard. Centuries of pain are coming to a boil.

How do we do more than just hear these voices? How do we listen at a deeper level?

In this conversation, Kari Granger and Immanuel Shalev explore how to make sense and meaning from the chaos and the hurt.

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“We’re in a chaotic time. And the most important thing for leaders to do inside of chaos, is to stabilize.”

Society, the economy, and the very world seem to be shifting rapidly beneath our feet. Within that whirlwind of change, the role of the leader will need to shift too. In this conversation, Kari Granger and Ronni Hendel-Giller discuss the skills and sensibilities that leaders must draw on to effectively navigate this unprecedented moment of uncertainty.

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“If I choose to live in trust, I have a vastly different experience of this uncertain time, and I show up as a completely different person.”

We are living in frightening, unprecedented times. Now more than ever, it’s easy to fall out of trust—with society, the government, the financial markets, and more broadly, with the prospect of a brighter future. In this episode, Kari Granger and Paul Adams remind us that trust is ultimately a choice, and underscore the importance of choosing trust amidst the tumult. 

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As we consider what re-opening looks like, we must come to grips with the fact that the world we left behind is not the same world we are re-entering. Leaders today are feeling pressure to come up with  the answer,  the solution, the  strategy for re-emergence. But here's the thing: there is no one answer, no one solution, no one strategy. Operating from this understanding can support our navigation of this unprecedented environment. This webinar excerpt highlights different leadership approaches useful in navigating  normal, complicated, complex, or chaotic environments. 

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Five Surprising Tips for Transformative Zoom Meetings

Virtual work has gone mainstream. Global Workplace Analytics reports that “seventy-seven percent of the workforce say they want to continue to work from home, at least weekly, when the pandemic is over.” And yet — Zoom meetings can still feel flat, awkward, and not engaging. Check out our top five (surprising) tips for how to lead transformative video conferencing calls.


Adapt or Die: How to Maintain Relevance Through Economic Upheaval

There’s a lovely little eatery down the road from me called Willow Creek Restaurant. It maintains a charming ambiance and serves delicious American fare. (I’ve got a soft spot for their spring mushroom gnocchi.) Willow Creek — like the rest of the decimated restaurant industry — has faced adversity in the wake of coronavirus. But it’s how they responded to that adversity, that stands out to me and serves as powerful example of pivoting powerfully into a new economic reality.


A Practical Guide for Over-Thinkers and News Junkies

It’s Here. Coronavirus is in the air. I’m referring not just to infectious particles, but to the infectious mood that has gripped our nation and put the world on edge. Some are more concerned than others. But no one can deny the anxious, tenuous feeling that has taken hold around the globe. I do not thrive in these situations.


What My Kid Taught Me About Working From Home

Monday morning, March 16th, 2020. With the workweek set to begin, I suddenly felt uncertain. That’s because this, I knew, would be a workweek like none other. An entirely new ballgame. My six-year-old daughter’s school had been shuttered over the weekend on account of COVID-19. My husband’s job had him working from home as well. Like millions around the globe, the pandemic had thrust our family into a new normal — ready or not.


The Problem with Problem-Solving

“What is here now, when there is no problem to solve?”

Recently I’ve begun my morning meditation by asking myself this question, offered by Loch Kelly in a three-minute practice. It’s had a dramatic impact on my ability to “drop in”—to let go of the noise and chatter in my head. Simply asking the question allows me to “arrive,” almost magically, as I begin my morning meditation. And, when the chatter ramps up, as it is wont to do, I ask the question again and, again, the noise subsides.


Finding Purpose and Profit in a Recession

“Stakeholder Capitalism” is being Put to the Test…Will We Pass?

There’s a saying that “it’s easy to be a genius in a bull market.”Well, the relentless images of plummeting stock tickers and deserted retail locations have made it painfully clear we are in bull market territory no more. Recession is in full force. Given the recent rallying calls at the World Economic Forum and elsewhere for a more conscious, thoughtful, stakeholder-oriented capitalism, it’s time to broaden that saying: “It’s easy to be a stakeholder capitalist in a bull market.”


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