Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA):

In consideration of receiving access to The Granger Network Online courses, I hereby agree and acknowledge that the Content and Related Course Material will disclose to me Proprietary Information belonging to The Granger Network LLC. I agree to keep the Proprietary Information confidential. This includes the following obligations with respect to the Proprietary Information:

  1. I will not disclose to others any Content and Related Course Material in any form without the express written permission from The Granger Network LLC.
  2. I agree not to share my User ID and Password with any other person.
  3. I will not disclose any of the Content and Related Course Material to any third party.
  4. I will not copy or duplicate, in whole or part, any of the Content and Related Course Material, without the express written permission of The Granger Network LLC.
  5. I will not use the Proprietary information in competition with The Granger Network LLC or for my own business advantage.
  6. I will not use the Proprietary information in any way that harms The Granger Network LLC.
  7. I will protect and safeguard the confidentiality of the Proprietary Information with at least the same degree of care that I would use to protect my own proprietary information, but in no event with less than a reasonable degree of care;
  8. I will promptly notify you of any unauthorized use or disclosure of your Proprietary Information

This Agreement cannot be changed or waived by oral agreement; it can only be changed or waived in writing with our signature. Any waiver of this Agreement in one circumstance will not apply to any other circumstance.

This Agreement is made according to the laws of the state of Colorado in which our main office is located. You acknowledge that by virtue of this Agreement, you are conducting business in Colorado and consent to the jurisdiction within such location.

Your obligation to comply with this Agreement continues to apply as long as you retain any or all of our Proprietary Information, regardless of the format in which such Proprietary Information is retained.

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