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Building a Culture of Trust

Over the last 15 years of working with executives, teams and organizations, we have learned culture can make or break you when it comes to performance metrics, retention, recruiting, productivity & efficiency, job satisfaction, strategic planning & execution, and more.

When we create a culture of trust, we give ourselves a significantly elevated opportunity for accomplishment. Trust grants freedom – freedom of collaboration, freedom of ideas, freedom to act, and freedom of expression. Yet, when it comes to trust, even the most articulate among us can resort to clichés and niceties: “Trust is important,” “We should trust each other,” “It’s a matter of trust.”

In this course we will look at what it takes to build trust rather than simply assert its importance. 

- Demystifying what it takes to build and sustain trust 
- Identifying and productively discussing matters concerning a lack of trust
- Working with and shifting moods and assessments that block trust 
- Shaping local organizational and team culture
- Increasing job fulfillment and performance while retaining top talen

Time Commitment: 60–90 min weekly
19 weeks

- Videos
- Summary Notes
- Practices
- Discussion Board


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