Transformative Sales Course



Cultivate Relationships and Build Trust

Conduct Transformative Conversations Beyond Sales Dynamics

Leave Prospects Enlivened and Ready to Enter Transactional Agreements

Build Self-Esteem, Emotional Fortitude and Enduring Resilience

Be Someone Who is Known for Opening New Opportunities and Possibilities for Others

An Alternative Approach to Sales

Business development is a fundamental commitment for every organization. Most sales courses provide much needed foundational training on models incorporating conversion ratios, tips and techniques for persuasion, managing a book of business, frequency of calls, customer analysis software, and more. While important and foundational, these courses can stop short of the heart and soul of a sales professional.

This course is designed for professionals selling services, who have had some success in sales and are looking for a new way that would bring greater fulfillment, increase their close rate, and elevate their income.

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Course Details

Five Month Program

In-Person Training Sessions

  Session One (two days)
  Session Two (two days)
  Sesson Three (two days)

Action & Application Calls

Weekly between sessions



Limited to 25 people



  $9,500 early bird registration
  $12,500 standard registration

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